News & Updates  

  • AMFI demands SEBI focus on rescue of MF sector
  • Allahabad Bank eyes 21% credit growth
  • Fiat cuts India distribution tie with Tata Motors
  • SBI hikes rates by 75-175 bps in its FCNR and RFC deposits
  • iGATE removes Patni from brand name
  • Coal at cheaper rates to meet power requirements: Govt
  • Aim to improve cash flow from operations: Godrej Properties
  • RBI eases norms to encourage foreign currency flows
  • India rejects USD 1bn Reliance cost recovery plan
  • SSTL files petition in SC; Uninor challenges TRAI recos
  • Finance minister says Inflation to remain around 6.5% - 7.5% in current fiscal
  • Imposition of GAAR provisions extended by one year - from April 2013 to April 2014
  • Amendment to Finance Bill 2012 proposes to shift onus of proving to tax authority instead of tax payer
  • Amended Bill introduces new section 80CCG, wherein deduction frm investment in listed equity shall be allowed to the extent of 50% not exceeding Rs. 25000/-
  • Realty Fund Managers start offering choice of projects to invest in, earlier lacklustre returns is the cause
  • In first two months of the current fiscal, corporate tax collection down by 2.82%
  • India’s oil import bill rises 40% in 2011 – 12
  • Jyoti Labs to merge Henkel India with itself
  • Pledge of securities by promoters at all time high at end of March quarter
  • Corporates raise 33% more in debt from public as compared to equity offerings
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The most important thing after generating earnings is to determine ways to enhance it into wealth combined with risk coverage. Numerous financial product offerings in the market and aggressive sales policies of marketers have certainly educated you about the available options but then, it has also confused you as to which one is better suited to your needs and its implications. Wealth creation and investment decisions these days have become a full time job needing utmost monitoring and follow-ups at regular intervals. We at Abnay take over all these worries from you and handle them for your benefits and gains. Our evaluation of your requirements are guided solely by your needs and not by what we have to offer, thus we render a totally unbiased.

Subsequent to economic liberalization in the country the retail finance markets have witnessed a revolution in the past decade with marketing aggression gathering momentum in last 5 years. Advent of private insurance companies, floating of more private banks, windfalls in the mutual fund markets have been a few milestone to mention. Availability of trading opportunities in commodities and currencies has fueled the get rich quick instincts of the dreamers. Thus the creation of wealth today has taken diverse magnitudes ranging from stocks to bullion to commodities to mutual funds to insurance to debt to art, the values and thereby implications of all these avenues are fluctuating almost on a routine basis depending on world economic conditions as technology has made the world small enough for developments in one part of the globe to have implications in the other part. We at Abnay manage all these financial affairs for you most optimally to your advantage under your knowledge and approval so that you are free to pursue your non financial priorities at your comfort.

Entrust your investment and wealth management worries to us and experience the distinctive investments services of

Wealth enables us to achieve your financial goals beginning from immediate day to day expenses to distant targets of retirement. As age moves the financial goals too move through shifting of priorities and preferences and a wealth well built takes care of such fluctuations in our desires. Markets are flooded with impressive financial ideas and products which project substantial gains over a period of time, but then in wealth creation as in life no one rule suits all. Discretion and analysis of every offering to assess its benefits to match your requirements of liquidity, risk appetite, age and many other factors need to be considered and over all above the knowledge and information on all the offerings in the markets. This is where comes in the wealth manager. Creating, managing and expanding wealth has now become a full time job, gone are the days you looked at your investments once in a while and took a decision or two before placing back the papers again in the desk for a few months to pass by. Opportunities these days are coming by the day and your investments need monitoring almost on a regular basis which is best done by someone whose full time job is managing wealth. We at WealthWiseTM are equipped to do this.

“Let the doctors take care of your health, We’ll take care of your wealth”

Ours is an guiding role. The final decision and consequences based on our information is solely yours. Moreover, in keeping with regulatory guidelines, we do not guarantee any returns on investments. Prospective investors and others are cautioned that any forward-looking statements are not predictions and may be subject to change without notice. Investments in Mutual Funds are subject to market risks. Please read the offer document carefully before investing. Insurance is a subject matter of Solicitation